We seek to assist CITFI (Catanduanes Institute of Technology Foundation, Inc.) which was founded by my late father (Gaudioso “Gaudy” De Leon Ocol), my late mother (Ma. Josefa “Joy” Madrigal-Ocol), and myself in 1994.  CITFI has been trying to survive for years now, and the support for CITFI will be used to fund CITFI’s operations including provision for scholarships to poor and indigent students, and build a school building.  All these years, CITFI has been renting the building it is occupying for its operations.

Gaudy and Joy Charitable Foundation, Inc. is intended to accept donations and campaign to raise funds for CITFI which has been in existence for almost 20 years now. During these years, CITFI has been able to touch the lives of thousands of poor and indigent students by providing them scholarships and even helping them get jobs. CITFI is now in dire need of financial support in order to survive, pay the salaries of its teachers and staff, and shoulder the costs of operating its facilities. For 20 years now, that financial support has been provided by my late parents and me, other than tuition fees from students who did not fall under the “poor” category.


Since its founding 20 years ago, CITFI has never raised its tuition fees. My parents have since passed away, and there is a need now for public support to pay the costs associated with operating the school and providing scholarships to poor and indigent students. I cannot do it alone.

Through the Gaudy and Joy Charitable Foundation, Inc. this need can be addressed. This organization will raise funds to support the school by paying for the indigent students’ schooling, salaries of teachers and staff, costs of utilities, purchase of additional tools and equipment and school supplies, and costs of maintenance and upkeep of the school. Our hope is to provide enough funding that the school can purchase land and construct a school building, instead of paying rent for the building.


Gaudy and Joy Charitable Foundation will also raise funds to support the math and chess clubs in Chicago that are youth afterschool programs.  These programs must be in Chicago inner city public schools for high school and middle school youth. Focus will be on the clubs geared toward indigent and minority youth in schools. Funds granted to the clubs will be used for tournaments, providing snacks for the kids, for chess books, materials and equipment, for tutorials, and for chess and math competitions.

Joseph M. Ocol