A letter from Joseph Ocol

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Joy Ocol was my mother. 

It was through her that I learned chess while I was a child.

She was also the co-founder, with my father Gaudy, of the Catanduanes Institute of Technology Foundation, Inc. (CITFI).

Her commitment to the education and care of young people was exceptional. As her son, I have continued to keep her legacy alive through various efforts.

But alas, even a lifetime won’t be sufficient time for me to adequately acknowledge the immense contribution and impact she has had on generations of students and children, as well as plants and animals.

It wasn’t without hardship that she thrived and somehow managed to make a difference for so many people. There were sacrifices, many of them difficult for a young son to understand, but in adulthood, every lesson my mother taught me makes perfect sense.

Like her, I am committed to my mission despite the hardships I too face in this quest.  I coach a chess team of underprivileged kids in Englewood, that I also have been trying to support in my own little way.  A part of the sale of this book will go to the chess team that I coach.

After the passing of both my parents, I continued to finance the school (CITFI) out of my pocket, and only my own ailing health has slowed down these efforts. Despite my lessened abilities, I must continue to do what I can while there is breath left in me.

Writing this memoir was another way by which I can keep my mother’s legacy alive, celebrate the influence of her kindness, and demonstrate how the efforts of one good person can be life-changing.

If more people like my mother gave what they can in the form of talent, skill, or charity, this world would be a measurably better place.

By purchasing an advance copy of this book, “Mommy Joy:  A Mother’s Sacrifices and Triumphs”, you can make a positive difference in my commitment to keeping my mother’s legacy alive so that future generations of children will know her, and understand just how much difference one person can make.  It is a book that I wish to dedicate to all mothers and teachers in the world.

I thank you in advance for your kind support of my cause.

Joseph M. Oco

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